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Attention Yoga Studio Owners & Teachers!

Effective & low-cost marketing methods that drive instant results.

  • Do you currently own, manage or teach at a yoga studio and are not sure how to successfully promote your business?
  • Are you looking for low-cost, creative and effective ways of bringing in more students to your classes?
  • Are you a certified yoga teacher passionate about starting a studio but are unsure of how to get clients?

This ebook will reveal 7 proven and low cost methods that every successful yoga studio must use.

With the downturn in the economy, your yoga business might have ended 2008 on a rocky note. While researching for this, we came across many existing yoga businesses that simply did not have the knowledge or methods to turn their business around. Most failed to employ simple and creative yoga marketing tactics that would help them get more clients, fill up classrooms and keep their clients for life.

This ebook will provide you with:

  • tricks on how to run effective yoga marketing campaigns on a tiny budget.
  • how to generate revenue via simple and effective communication tools with your clients
  • how to increase the value of each and every customer that walks through your door
  • how to build, enhance and evolve your online reputation
  • how to keep your clients for life!

What most studio owners and teachers might not realize, is that the most effective yoga studio marketing strategies and tactics employed by successful yoga businesses today, don’t have to cost a fortune.

In fact, this ebook will show you some of the best tools and marketing campaigns you can run to target your clients.

We understand that your motivation and passion for starting and managing your own studio fulfills the dreams of being able to introduce yoga, its benefits and lifestyle into people’s lives.

But you had no idea that you would have to also take control and be able to wear many hats and manage all the finances, marketing, sales, HR, administration, technology, which is a lot of work for any individual!

This guide will teach you how you can run advertising campaigns that will generate awareness for your business without having to pay the high costs for:

  • marketing agencies or advertising outlets
  • copy writers, specialists
  • costly print, TV, radio advertising
  • creative staff, graphic designers
  • web developers and designers

In your exclusive copy, you will learn the following:

  1. Website Fundamentals: must-have elements for your website to ensure you drive online traffic and new students to your studio.
  2. The Power of Intelligence: this chapter outlines the why and how-tos for collecting and using customer data and turn it into valuable tools for acquiring new students and retaining the ones you have.
  3. Email Marketing Essentials: Simply sending a monthly newsletter isn’t enough nowadays to keep people interested and reading. The key is engagement and relevancy. Read more on how to maximize each communication you have with your customers.
  4. Free Local Online Marketing: Advertising online can be free. Learn the secrets of how to ensure that potential students can find you on the internet.
  5. Your Own Marketing Team – For Free!: how to motivate and incentivize your current students to work for you. Learn why these new referrals are the most loyal and valuable to your yoga business.
  6. Customers Know Best: How am I doing? Learn easy methods of getting feedback from your students…and how to use this information to improve your bottom line.
  7. Win-Back Your Students: Learn why the most effective and cost-efficient target for your advertising efforts is NOT turning trial customers into paid students.

By following these 7 easy, effective and low-cost tips for marketing your yoga studio and services outlined in this ebook, we guarantee that your business will see an increase in turnover and revenue.

It takes just 30 minutes of your time to turn around your yoga business! is committed to the success of all our customers. We offer consulting services and are available to answer any and all your questions. We are here to help you solve your business problems. Please contact us if you have further questions.