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Complete Yoga Studio Marketing Toolkit

Get the Complete Yoga Studio Marketing Toolkit.

We’ve done all the work for you. We’ve packaged together all the essential information and tools you need to successfully market your yoga studio. Learn proven methods on how to generate new clients, keep the ones you have for life and boost your business without having to spend a fortune.

Who is the Complete Yoga Studio Marketing Toolkit™ for?

  • Are you a yoga teacher, owner, manager who has little or no marketing background and aren’t sure of what else you can do to boost business?
  • Are you looking for new ways to promote your yoga classes but can’t afford to spend a fortune on advertising?
  • Do you find figuring out all the advertising options available daunting and overwhelming at times?
  • Is too much of your time taken up by running the business and you wish to focus again on doing what you love?
  • Other small business programs are not tailored to your business and those that are, have so much material that you don`t have time to read, watch, listen. You only want to know what is important to successfully market a yoga business!

Tailored to you

This program is tailored to yoga studio owners and managers. You will learn new, creative and low-cost ways to promote your studio that will bring in new students, keep your current members around longer and provide a healthier cash flow to your business. You won’t be overwhelmed with information – the program is focused on the critical factors important to successfully marketing your yoga business.

Why should I use this?

We understand that your motivation and passion for having your own studio fulfilled a dream of introducing yoga into people’s lives and doing something you love.

But you are finding your time and efforts focused on running the business wearing multiple hats. Marketing and promotion can be a challenging task falling by the way side after dealing with the finances, administration and staffing responsibilities.

Myth – I’m already doing some marketing and promoting my classes and services.


  • Understand that not all media options work for all businesses. Nor is it as simple as doing what other studios are doing in your city.
  • The yoga studio industry is highly localized where students tend to choose based on price and location.
  • Many studio owners might find marketing to be a conflicting aspect of running the business. But running small ads or having a website is no longer enough to sustain your business.
  • Are you sure if your current advertising efforts are even working or are the most cost-effective options for you?

The Complete Yoga Studio Marketing Toolkit™ will give you low-cost alternatives to increase the value of current and future students.

Myth – I cannot afford to spend more on marketing. There are so many options out there and I don’t know which ones are right for me? Do they even work?


  • Many studios are barely making ends meet after rent payments, salaries, maintenance that marketing can be an afterthought.
  • What most don’t realize is that marketing is an investment (not a cost!) in which every dollar you spend should bring you back multiples in sales and revenue.
  • It does not have to involve slick advertising or large pockets.
  • You don’t need deep pockets: basic, simple, cost-effective methods will provide a dramatic increase in your business.
  • You just have to find the right mix of media and promotion that fits your budget.

Myth – I’m not a marketer!


  • You don’t need to be advertising savvy or have a creative bone in your body to market.
  • There are simple and effective ways to generate new business that you can do yourself without having to hire experts or professionals in the fields of media, design or technology.

The Complete Yoga Studio Marketing Toolkit will show you:

  • How to generate additional revenue using simple and effective communication tools with your clients.
  • Tricks to running quality yoga marketing campaigns on a tiny budget.
  • Learn which advertising options will bring you the best results.
  • Get an action plan that you can execute today and start seeing returns.
  • Learn why the most efficient way to increase cash flow is through retention and reactivation.
  • Learn how to measure your promotional efforts so that you repeat the marketing efforts that work and lose the ones that don’t.

We guarantee our solutions will provide results and increase profits! If you aren’t satisfied with the program we’ll refund your money.

What do I get?

The main objective of the program is to teach you the key marketing strategies that will bring you success and fits your needs and budget.

We push through the jargon and break down the marketing programs that every yoga studio should use to bring success. Learn the benefits, costs and reasons why certain promotional efforts are vital for your studio to prosper. In your exclusive package of the Complete Yoga Studio Marketing Toolkit™, you will receive:

  • Get the 7 Essential Marketing Strategies of Successful Yoga Studios – this ebook walks you through 7 effective and low cost methods that drive instant results.
  • Guide To Yoga Advertising – In this comprehensive advertising ebook you will learn to build an effective marketing plan that will stretch your advertising dollar. You will learn the best and most cost-effective ways to advertise and promote your yoga classes.
  • Quick Start Workbook & Templates– These templates are tailored for the yoga industry. They includes everything, from Budgeting, Planning your Campaign, Email Communication, How to write a Media Brief, Post-Analysis and much more.
  • Free Marketing Program Review – You will be free to email us any questions you have while developing your yoga marketing plan & strategies. Once you’ve completed your marketing plan we’ll do a complete review and offer suggestions & recommendations.

When can I start?

You can start today! Once you order the program you will be sent an email with instructions on how to access the material. You are moments away from learning the best strategies and tactics employed by some of today’s top yoga studios!

We are confident that if you employ these techniques, you will begin to see immediate returns.

Learn everything you need to know to successfully market your yoga business starting today! is committed to the success of all our customers. We offer consulting services and are available to answer any and all your questions. We are here to help you solve your business problems. Please contact us if you have further questions.


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