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How to Establish Instant Credibility for Your Yoga Studio

Many small businesses on the onset can suffer from prospective customers judging their level and quality of service based on their size. As a yoga studio, you want students to regard you as legitimate, qualified and professional. To do this, you have to appear larger than you really are and mimic the key attributes of successful studios.

The first thing to do is to check out your competition. Doing a bit of research on other yoga studios in your area will allow you to see where you stand in comparison. You can figure out what aspects of the way they promote themselves that are appealing and you can easily incorporate into your marketing materials.

Review your website. Yoga is as much about health and wellness as it is about lifestyle and image. Your website has to reflect this. Ensure that you have at least the following pages on your site: About Us, Contact Us, Schedule, Pricing, Our Services, About Yoga. Check and fix all links, spelling and grammatical errors. Ensure that the look, feel and style are consistent across all the pages on your site.

Make sure that the email address you are using has your yoga studio‘s name i.e. [email protected]. Or if you do use one of the popular email providers then make sure your studio name is incorporated i.e. [email protected]. Google has an email application that will let you set up and personalize your email account while still allowing you to use all the Gmail functionalities in the backend.

Invest in getting a logo and brand designed around your yoga studio and website. By incorporating the style, imagery and design into all your marketing materials, it will go a long way in raising awareness and promoting your yoga studio as an established business. Business cards or postcards with your schedule printed on them are an easy and low-cost way of promoting your studio.

With the proliferation of contractors in graphic and website design, you will be able to find affordable and qualified people to help you with the more technical and creative aspects boosting your yoga business.