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Promoting Your Yoga Studio in Online Forums

Forums are an easy, low-cost way to promote your yoga studio and services. The proliferation of forums over the last few years stems from people seeking like-minded people and communities to share advice and experiences.

Forums can be a mystifying place for many people. When new to the forum world, the most common question is “how do I get started?” The experience can be intimidating especially when the community is very tight knit.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts to guide you as you venture into the world of forums.

  1. Find a forum that is specific to your local city. After all, you want to target potential customers that can join your studio! Also, search for yoga-specific forum sites. You can benefit as a yoga studio owner by networking, keeping on top of yoga trends and sharing experiences and advice with other studio owners.
  2. Provide relevant and useful information that is specifically related to the topic. Stay on subject! A forum can quickly turn sour if all threads are filled with people touting and advertising their businesses. These postings are considered spam and you could be faced with unwanted attention from moderators or other posters.
  3. Post regularly, consistently and as soon as possible. This will allow you to test the waters, build rapport and credibility within the community. Eventually other contributors and readers on the forums will seek your opinion and advice as an expert.
  4. Don’t downplay the downside! Introducing yoga into people’s lives is a rewarding and motivating aspect of teaching or running a studio. There are also risks and precautions when it comes to beginning yoga that shouldn’t be avoided when it comes to providing advice to the community.
  5. Always be polite and remember that tone can be difficult to detect when it comes to text-based communication. People often misread comments and can take offence when none was given.
  6. Avoid the drama. Forums can have their fair share of participants who can be difficult. Back and forth negative and off-putting comments are not uncommon. The best advice even if you find the comments infuriating is to use good judgment and avoid getting involved.

The main points to keep in mind with participating in forums are to participate, contribute and try to have fun!